John and Carole Gregory

Palm Beach 50, SalesmanShip

It’s hard to believe it’s been six months since we took delivery of SalesmanShip, our Palm Beach 50.

WOW… We are so pleased and are thoroughly enjoying this very special boat. We often recall your description of the boat as “a work of art” and we absolutely agree!!! The beauty of the design is recognized everywhere we travel.

The attention to detail, quality of workmanship, flexibility during the build process and after-sale support have all contributed to an amazingly positive experience.

When cruising, the boat is incredibly responsive, easy to handle and has all of the power and speed we could ask for. The soft, smooth ride is most amazing in rough water and appreciated by all on board. The support, guidance and friendship we have experienced [from the Palm Beach team] is unique and incredibly meaningful.

Thank you for building us an awesome boat!


David & Jeannie Clarke

Palm Beach 45, BlackSwan

It was love at first sight when we first saw a PB45 at a Florida boat show. Now a few years on, our PB45 BlackSwan looks brand-new, performs flawlessly and easily handles even the heaviest seas. Of course it is still a head turner. The ownership experience has been outstanding with the people of Palm Beach Yachts going the extra mile to ensure it remains so.

Dave Spalding

Palm Beach 45, Le Reve

My relationship with Palm Beach has been excellent since first meeting. My PB45 has classic good looks and is a “head turner” in every harbor, but more importantly it has excellent build quality and all onboard systems, including power and electronics, work flawlessly. And the performance, ride, and handling of my PB45 in any seaway are second to none.

There’s always been full access to the entire Palm Beach team, including the president, Mark Richards. Finally, Palm Beach enhances the ownership experience by having a number of annual activities (eg. long distance cruises, boat show events, dinners, etc.).

Buying my PB45, Le Reve, is one of the better decisions I’ve made in my life. You should own one.

Mike & Julie Sifton

Palm Beach 65, Dawn

We had wanted to buy a Palm Beach since the moment we first saw one and met CEO Mark Richards at the Fort Lauderdale boat show many years ago. It was only going to be a matter of time and circumstances before we became PB65 owners.

The whole process from design, contract, build, delivery and follow up has not only been professional and industry-leading, but also absolutely enjoyable. All the folks at Palm Beach have been a real pleasure to work with. No design or construction detail was too small for them to engage with us on.

Now that we have spent a full winter season in the Bahamas on Dawn, we can honestly say she has surpassed our expectations in all regards. She has worked well and is easy to run for the two of us yet has held a large crowd. She has been the talk of any marina we have been in with her stylish lines, and then she has gone out and absolutely excelled in large seas.

Like any piece of equipment, a boat has to suit the mission it is being bought for. We can certainly say our PB65 is perfect for us.

Mark Duffy

Palm Beach 45, Tranquility

I found Palm Beach to be at the head of the class when it came to fit, finish and overall performance. Sea trial a Palm Beach on a less than desirable day and you will understand why everyone talks about the ride.

Palm Beach sales and support is handled at a personal level. My yacht specialist, Carvey Iannuzzi, has been a cell call away to answer questions and assist in resolving any issues that have come up throughout the sale, build, delivery and post-delivery.