Palm Beach emanates style inspired by the sea itself. Every thoughtfully designed yacht is infused with the perfect balance of enduring nautical tradition and modern grandeur, resulting in a sleek, graceful look that will never lose its charm.


Down to the last detail, your Palm Beach is a work of fine art. Burmese teak, sumptuous furnishings, solid-surface countertops, lustrous baubles, book-matched veneers, seamless joinery and hand-selected furniture make each yacht a working heirloom for its owner. Step onboard a masterpiece.


Light-filled salon. Spacious cockpit. Wide-open galley. Generous staterooms. Roomy head. The list of interior spaces goes on and on. And while an abundance of modern amenities—home theaters, ranges, refrigerators, washer/dryers and more—will make you feel right at home, our large power windows delivering breathtaking views of nature will remind you you’re anywhere but.


Palm Beach has used modern build and material techniques from the start, building yachts how they’re meant to be built, not how everyone else builds them. Every new hull benefits from 100% vinylester resins and a cross-linked, closed-cell foam core for ideal durability. Our team of expert craftsmen work diligently every step of the way to ensure each hull has been constructed to perfection.


Turn your Palm Beach into a personalized masterpiece. Choose from several layout options to create a yacht that suits your cruising needs and preferences, and truly feels like yours.

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